November 2016

11 Nov 2016

Next week is #workinpublishing week, a fantastic initiative run by the Publishers Association to encourage those interested in publishing and those from outside the trade to join our wonderful industry.

14 Nov 2016

#workinpublishing week!

14 Nov 2016

Breaking into the industry: Reconsidering Sectors - STM

15 Nov 2016

Today Chloe Rhys and Kristy Collingbourne paid a visit to Kingston University to see their Publishing MA students who will graduate in 2017. We were warmly welcomed by course leader Judith Watts to give a talk on the ins and outs of the publishing landscape for entry level roles.

16 Nov 2016

What's great about working in Professional Publishing?

18 Nov 2016

What a week it has been, with top tips coming from all over the industry to conferences to encourage inclusivity and pledges being signed up to left right and centre, there is no better time to be joining this proactive, passionate and forward thinking industry.