May 2019

07 May 2019

This was the first time Consultant Rhiannon Griffiths attended the IPG Spring conference, getting insight from industry leaders, meeting a variety of people and of course ending with the glamourous IPG Awards! She has put together her top ten on what she learnt at the IPG Conference this year.

10 May 2019

Our podcast today is on audiobook publishing, and we are delighted to welcome our guest, Jo Forshaw, Audiobook Publishing Consultant to hear about her work with audiobook publishing from her prior successes at HarperCollins' to helping publishers transform audio into a core digital asset and revenue generator, as well as her thoughts on audiobook publishing in the industry today.

22 May 2019

Ahead of Pride month, on Monday night, Consultants Alice Bidetti & Shalini Bhatt attended the SYP London LGBTQ and Allies: Identity and Inclusivity in Publishing event. The event highlighted a passionate and wide-ranging discussion on identity, acceptance and celebration of new voices in publishing.