October 2019

02 Oct 2019

Inspired Search & Selection is having a brilliant year celebrating 20 years of publishing recruitment excellence and expertise. We recently found out we have been shortlisted for an IRP award

10 Oct 2019

In our latest podcast we welcome Jon White from MakeMatic. He chats with us about various content types, new technologies available for the publishing industry and how we can bridge the gap between technology and cross-media content industries.

25 Oct 2019

Today on our Inspired by Publishing Podcast where we are joined by Tasha Mellins-Cohen at the Microbiology Society. Tasha chats with us today about the very important topics that are Open Access and Plan S.

29 Oct 2019

In today's Inspired by Publishing Podcast we chat with Richard Charkin, CEO & Founder of Mensch Publishing about what it is like to start and run a small independent press, the challenges he’s faced and overcome along the way, and any advice he can share for others looking to do the same.