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17 Jan 2022
The January Blues are a very real and overwhelming thing for so many.
17 Dec 2021
HOW TO… Provide a Reference When You’ve Accepted a New Job! Congratulations! You have been offered and accepted a new job! What to do next…
08 Dec 2021
Inspired Selection’s updated top tips for video interviewing success!
06 Dec 2021
Resigning is a delicate and sometimes complicated thing to do. It can be an emotional and sometimes stressful task to undertake.
22 Nov 2021
Following a huge uplift in hourly paid professionals, Inspired Selection are delighted to have invested in a new system – Timesheet Portal!
12 Nov 2021
We are delighted to share that Inspired Search and Selection has signed the Sustainability Pledge “Publishing Declares” recently launched by the
29 Oct 2021
How does Open Access affect different areas of publishing, and international research and collaboration?
27 Oct 2021
We continue to celebrate International Open Access Week with our blog series, where we ask some fantastic publishing professionals to answer a few questions on OA.
26 Oct 2021
Happy International Open Access Week! We are delighted to take part with a series of blogs that take a closer look at OA and at how publishers have adopted different models in the continuous effort to make research open and accessible.
20 Oct 2021
Have you considered a career in EdTech? Ever wanted to find out more about what it might entail?