10 ways to show your co-workers you appreciate them!

Creating a workplace culture of appreciation and recognition is super important! Everyone wants to feel empowered in the workplace and like they are a valued member of the team no matter their position or experience level.

We often talk about the ways businesses and leaders can show their appreciation and recognition for their employees, but as team mates too, there are always plenty of ways we can give our colleagues a confidence boost! 

Check out our list below of 10 simple things you can do to make your co-workers and team mates know how much you appreciate them!

  1. Say Thank You - and mean it! Whether they’ve helped you with a task, project or even just sending you over some paperwork or information you need for a meeting, don’t forget to say thank you. Be sure to also reach out and say thank you to the other departments who work away in the background too ensuring you can get on with your role each day - the ops manager who fixed your tech issue or the PA who has scheduled in all your important meetings – these people are the steam engine that keep your business going - team work makes the dream work after all!
  2. Check in with them - particularly in the new remote working world where we don’t have as much visibility, checking in with our colleagues is super important. Whether it be personally or professionally a simple phone call, email or visit in the office asking how someone is could really help someone - even if it’s just as a 5 minute pick me up from a super busy day!
  3. Listen - It’s all very well checking in and reaching out to our colleagues, but we must also listen! Ignore the distractions like your email or Teams and give them your complete attention even if it’s just for 5 minutes. By properly listening we are enhancing our ability to take information in and really understand it and even helping someone out and showing we care – as well as developing our communication skills!
  4. Invite them for a coffee or lunch break – this is particularly important in the new virtual world! We are so used to eating a sandwich in front of our emails, but let’s sweep people away from their desk for an actual break and conversation not about work! Engaging with others is proven to boost our mental health as well as develop stronger team relationships and better productivity for all!
  5. Celebrate their successes – this is SO important! When we see or hear that someone has done something worth some praise – celebrate it! All great work should be given a big well done from everyone! It doesn’t have to be work related either – don’t forget to recognise any personal successes – maybe that person has done something amazing out of work like a charity event or hit a personal goal! No triumph is also too big or too small and what might seem like a small step for us is a huge leap for someone else so let’s celebrate regardless and lift people up!
  6. Give them recognition – Don’t forget to give a shout out to those that helped you achieve a goal, project, or deadline! Think of everyone involved in that achievement and make sure they are recognised for their contribution! Even if they were only involved in certain aspects like research or admin leading up to the result still mention them as they’ve done their job well to get you there!
  7. Learn their interests – Relationship building is just as important with our colleagues as it is with our clients. Learning about one another’s interests gives us a chance to bond with our colleagues and strengthen communication on both a personal and professional level. Plus – it’s fun to learn something new about someone and you may have more in common than you think!
  8. Offer a helping hand - there are always going to be situations where we feel stressed or overwhelmed with work and wish we could have some assistance. Even in situations where our desk is busy, don’t forget to extend a hand to others – especially if they have just taken on a new and large project, or they have team members away or are understaffed at present, offer to help – you never know when you may need it in return! 
  9. Offer your knowledge or guidance - within every team there are so many different strengths and skills as well as different levels of experience and knowledge so think of your own strengths and extend them to assist and mentor someone else! You will fill that person with confidence and be remembered as someone who helped assist them in their career!
  10. Treat them to a random act of kindness! Put a smile on their face with a simple act of kindness - it could be anything from sending them a message of appreciation, buying them their favourite chocolate bar or coffee, or even sending a message to your boss about something amazing that person has done!

So what are you waiting for? Go and spread some kindness and appreciation to your wonderful colleagues - you will really make their day! Don’t forget to also show your boss you appreciate them too – leaders usually are self-motivated and always seem in control but everyone no matter their position deserves some appreciation now and again!