Adapt. Innovate. Inspire.

By Verity Hawson, April 2020

Some of us are more accustomed than others to working remotely, however I think we are ALL finding our feet at the moment. Despite being a confident “remote worker” myself (see my tips here on how to stay motivated), I have been pleasantly surprised at how my working day has changed in a positive way: it has brought me closer to my team, it has forged strong working relationships and allowed for consistent team building; the creative juices are flowing and together we are innovating to find the best ways of working to support our clients and candidates.

We have been so encouraged and inspired by the way companies are adapting to the new working environment. There have been great success stories of new recruits being on-boarded remotely, virtual award ceremonies taking place, an abundance of distance learning and various online networking events. And, the educational publishers are doing their absolute all to get resources and materials out to help teachers and parents continue children’s learning.

There are many wonderful things we have seen, amidst this time of uncertainty, and are in turn practising ourselves, and hope that by sharing these ideas, others will look to do the same. Here below are some shared experiences on how to keep teams motivated remotely, and positivity levels high:

  1. Get to know each other: if you are a newbie in the team, reach out to colleagues you’ve not spoken with before to invite them for a virtual “chat”.
  2. Celebrate successes: congratulate colleagues on things they have done well, and in turn, share your successes and they will congratulate you.
  3. Share any knock backs: these are even harder than the successes as it’s difficult to see if someone is struggling behind the screen.
  4. Stay in touch: schedule a weekly team meeting to share new ideas, find solutions to problems, and update one another on progress.
  5. Support each other inside & outside of work: these are not normal times, be understanding of each other’s circumstances, book in time each week to catch-up with a colleague over a “coffee/lunch-break”.
  6. Team-building: have a virtual get-together at the end of each week to do a fun activity, e.g. a Friday quiz!
  7. Engagement: send out a survey to the team asking about levels of engagement, giving them the opportunity to give anonymous feedback, voice concerns which can then be quashed.
  8. Learning & development: share ideas on virtual learning courses that the team could take to add value to their career development, and the business.

If your team and organisation have any great suggestions of how you are motivating one another whilst working remotely that you’d like to share, and that could help others, please do let us know, as we would love to encourage others to do similar things to help build teams, wherever they may be based. Or, if you would like any support from us when it comes to inducting remote team members, or finding remote talent please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here, or find us on Twitter or LinkedIn.