Bookshop Day 2022

Saturday 8th October was Bookshop Day and if you’ve met any of the Inspired Team before, you’ll know that Books are absolutely Our Bag! Over the last week, we have been visiting and talking to our local Bookshops and wanted to share with you here why we love them so much….

  1. Booksellers are Superheroes! We all agreed that our local Booksellers are truly wonderful. The knowledge they have about the stock is incredible and they’re able to make recommendations for titles that hit the mark every time. This really helps us all try out books that we may not otherwise pickup which, in turn, takes us to worlds that we may never have visited before!
  2. Bookshop shopping: You can’t beat the feel of a real book in your hand can you? Flicking through the pages and pouring over the beautiful cover designs really is like nothing else. The quality of book production just seems to be getting better and better and we love it.
  3. A community space: For many of us, our bookshops are far more than simply that. They’re coffee shops, event spaces, a support and resource for local schools and often a physical bridge between author and reader at book launches etc. Bookshops are increasingly an important part of our communities.
  4. Wonderful Service: People say that hairdressers are often the happiest people but we’re willing to challenge that with Booksellers! They are friendly, helpful, always seem to judge how much to help to offer and when to leave you browsing and go above and beyond when you have a specific book you’re looking for.
  5. Books are our bag: At Inspired, we are all in the publishing industry to be in an industry that we feel passionate about. It’s such a privilege to be talking to the brains that make the books on a daily basis but outside of office hours, we all love to be around the books themselves!

We hope you all got to enjoy your local Bookshop this weekend and will continue to do so all year around.

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