A Career in Educational Publishing

Hands-up if you have ever thought about a career in Educational Publishing?!

We have recently seen a great surge in the number of teachers looking to transfer their skills and experience into the Educational Publishing sector.  This comes at a time when schools are under increasing pressure to succeed despite budgetary cuts, and an emphasis put on teachers to meet government requirements, resulting in teachers looking to try their hand elsewhere, and use their teaching skills outside the classroom whilst still making an impact on the lives of others through education.

A career in Educational Publishing is an exciting one and holds a whole host of opportunities for those with experience in the education sector. What better way to use your classroom experience than ensure teachers and students alike have the best possible resources at their fingertips.  Whether this is through print or digital mediums, publishers are always looking to gain insight from those in-the-know to help them ensure their resources are the best they can be.

The opportunities available to a teacher might include positions focused on either generalist Primary level education, or Secondary level subjects, Vocational or Further education, UK or international curriculum or Assessment… with roles such as Content Developer, Editor, Product Manager, or Sales or Marketing Executive all being common areas in to which a teacher might transfer their skills. The knowledge and experience gained in a classroom teaching environment is invaluable, not only to understand what makes pedagogical resources effective or not, but also to be aware of the challenges faced by teachers, as well as the methodological insight which ensures materials are adapted to suit the different styles of teaching and learning. Traditional textbook publishers are becoming more and more innovative in their approach and ensuring they offer teachers and learners alike a variety of solutions to help them to succeed.

Through a deep understanding of the education sector, teaching methodologies and the latest trends and digital developments, a teacher can add great value to any educational publisher, content creator or learning company. Whether working for a textbook publisher, an EdTech start-up, a digital learning platform, or an online resource bank, a teacher is pivotal in helping these organisations to shape their products or services in-line with teacher requirements. The soft-skills enhanced in the role of teaching, e.g. being good at planning and having an organised approach, being collaborative, or demonstrating clear communication, and an eye for detail, all make for highly transferable competencies when looking to enter into a career in Educational Publishing.

If this is career path you have not yet contemplated, and you are looking to use your educational experience in a different way, then do get in touch. At Inspired Selection we work with a number of Educational Publishers, EdTech companies and Education focused organisations on roles at all levels, in various disciplines, and are always keen to hear from education professionals looking to explore the options available to them.

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