Conduit: Spring Event

Helen and Shalini attended the sold out new networking event for women in publishing: Conduit. This is a new group for women working in publishing who want to connect. It was formed in the spirit of generating space for conversations. This debut event had Deborah Frances-White, the host of podcast The Guilty Feminist and stand-up comedian, give an inspirational talk about women, confidence and inclusion. Deborah is also a corporate speaker and executive coach and is passionate about helping women in business. She is hugely inspirational to listen to, essentially this was a fantastic pep talk to get us thinking what can help us in our careers in publishing.

What really resonated with us was her talk about confidence and how we can best include ourselves in any role, business and situation. Inclusion is a lifelong goal and project and how there are glass ceilings in industries even when it’s mostly female. Confidence is key in our progression and development in business and in life and there are three parts to confidence that we should all be aware of:

  1. Experience – you need to trust the experience you have. Confidence should always be based on experience. Learn to trust yourself.
  2. The ability to communicate to the room that you trust yourself. This is not about how you feel but the story you tell. People will believe what you tell them when you have substance.
  3. How much the room wants you to succeed and respects and trusts you. Your confidence may be undermined by the room and this is something to be aware of.

We have a tribal understanding of the exclusion of women and it is understandable that we have some learned behaviours that make us want to self-exclude ourselves from certain conversations or job opportunities. Deborah reminded us that it is best to become the ‘includer’ – to stop worrying about how you can be included, and start looking out for how you can include other people. We don’t have to be perfect to enforce change in the world. Be imperfect with joy.

Thank you to Zoe King and AM Heath for organising a fantastic event and for the opportunity to network with an impressive crowd of industry professionals. Absolutely incredible – we will see you at the summer event!