Consider a Career in Professional Publishing


Are you looking for Entry Level positions in publishing? If so, I understand you may be imagining yourself in a role working on the books you loved as a child, or love reading now. 

But this is where I would love to introduce Professional Publishing to you. Professional publishing covers content which is produced for a specific profession; this could be legal, financial, HR or construction, for example. This could also be organisations with a more consumer focus, so magazines that you may walk past and dream of having the opportunity to work on. 

Every business and every profession needs content and information in order to function and grow. Whether it's professional education or development, standards, guidance, or market information there is a large amount of content created for professionals across all sectors and industries.

The work you do in professional publishing makes a very real, important impact to businesses and in fact, the economy too, and at Inspired Selection, it’s my job to work closely with companies in this sector. In Professional publishing, you could be supporting to help develop people’s careers, it could be used by senior leaders within a business to make important company decisions or it could be used to support with maintaining standards across organisations. 

Professional Publishing also allows people to do something different with your education. You may have studied a Business, Law or Economics degree and realised along the way that it isn’t the career path you’d like to take. So how about doing something different and work in publishing supporting those careers? Professional publishing  is a fantastic route to channel all that knowledge and those hours of studying you've done on the subject in a completely different, information driven environment.

Also, it means that you aren’t up against all those people that would like to work in Trade publishing! There are some amazing opportunities in Professional publishing across Editorial, Marketing, Sales, Production and Data focused positions, and often this could be at a higher salary. So do consider working in Professional publishing if you are looking and interested in content. It would be great to hear from you!

Chloe Daniell manages Entry to Mid Level roles on our Professional Sector, so please get in touch if you are looking for a new role at