Getting into Publishing – Inspired shares hints and tips and all the do’s and don’ts of applying for roles in publishing

Get into Publishing is a short course aimed at a broad range of people looking to work in publishing who may be at different stages in their careers.

This month we met a really interesting mix of people including school pupils in the midst of their A-levels, school leavers learning about their options before embarking on 3 years of studying, 2nd year undergraduates, graduates contemplating whether to take an MA in Publishing and experienced professionals who were interested in using their transferable skills to develop their career in the marvellous world of publishing.

Inspired Selection volunteers at Get into Publishing for a number of reasons including a cause close to our heart, which is to spread the word about publishing as a vocation and career to a range of different demographics across the UK. The more people who know about publishing and all it has to offer the better. What I always find eye opening for the delegates, is just how many different roles and publishing companies there are and that the industry is not just full of editors!

I always love the part of my talk when I ask for people to put their hands up if they want to be in editorial and always over 75% of the room will have their hands up waving at me! The same occurs for trade publishing, and then there are a small amount of people interested in marketing or rights or production. I always tell the aspiring editors to look around and think about how they are picking the most oversubscribed entry in and how  much more opportunity they could create if they just open their minds to all the other roles.  Publishing unfortunately has a reputation for being a very difficult to penetrate but I think a lot of this is because 75% of applicants are applying for the same jobs. If we can educate more people about the diverse roles within our industry, then we might be able to shift that reputation into a more positive, open and inclusive, career destination!

There are so many schemes now in place and great initiatives coming out shortly which will enable the industry to hire a more diverse workforce but, if you are working in publishing and want to help drive this forward then please think about doing the same, volunteering your time, knowledge and enthusiasm for our industry in places likes local schools, colleges and let’s educate people from the bottom up!

And here is just one reason to maybe inspire you and what inspired me;

I met a wonderful gentleman at the networking event, he has just finished his first year of A levels and was a delegate on this course. Already I was thinking, this chap is going to go far, he is so ahead of his peers! What he said next shocked me! He has already self-published two books because  he knew he had it in him to write a book, and amazon self-publishing make it is so easy to do this… mouth opened, “Wow”! Well if 16 year olds can win the X Factor, I thought, why can’t we have a 16 year old, award winning author! It is just a different art form…

Thank you Heather and the delegates for a thoroughly enjoyable and inspirational week!