How to get the best from your video interview

We are in unprecedented times and the entire work-life ecosystem has suddenly changed as the current social-distancing effects everything about the way we work.

For us, the spotlight is on the impact to the recruitment process itself and it’s been remarkable to see our publishing clients adapt so quickly. Our candidates ready to start new roles are on-boarding safely and remotely while current processes are switching to virtual interviews.

Some of you may be used to communicating professionally over video links but doing an interview virtually can feel very different. So how do you ensure you are delivering the best interview you possibly can when you are doing this remotely? We’ve put together a few hints and tips to keep you focused and give you all the tools you need to do a brilliant job!

  1. Prepare as you would ANY other interview. Imagine this is a face-to-face meeting in their offices, how would you prepare? This will get you into the appropriate mind set to go in there with a view to get that job.
  2. With the above in mind, dress smart; it will set the tone and give you added confidence. Think about body language as well – it is harder to engage when you are not physically in the same room as your interviewer so do try and make eye contact, smile and engage in the conversation.
  3. Read the job description, print it out if you can with a copy of your CV and mark on there the areas of experience where you can give really strong examples on why you’re the best person for that job. See our earlier blog here on general interview tips – these all apply.
  4. Test your kit – does your audio and video work? The better prepared you are, the less likely you are to have technical hitches. 
  5. Is the lighting professional? Position yourself where you are well lit, looking straight on into the camera without any distractions in the background.
  6. Make sure any other technology is silenced, and other applications are closed on your laptop so there are no distractions. This counts for people too – make sure anyone you live with, partners, children and pets are excluded from the room so you can focus.
  7. Have some great questions prepared – you can put prompts around your computer screen so you don’t need to look away from the screen to remember your questions.
  8. Have a glass of water by your side so you can take a sip if you need to pause.
  9. Have a pen and paper at the ready to write down any notes.
  10. Finally – if there are technical difficulties the last thing you want is to be feeling stressed by the situation. So ensure you have the phone number of the person interviewing you so you can contact them via phone and continue the interview as planned. After the interview, make a note to follow up and thank them for their time!

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