How to lose the January Blues!

The January Blues are a very real and overwhelming thing for so many. The festive fun has come to an end, outside it is cold and dark, work is back to full steam ahead, and with the pressures of wanting to start the year right and set resolutions – it’s no wonder January can feel stressful and find us lacking in motivation or confidence. With this in mind, we thought we would put together our Top Ten Tips on how you can make the most of the New Year, with small things you can introduce into your daily or weekly routines that will make you happier, healthier and more motivated for the year ahead!

  1. If you’re having a down day and need an instant pick me up - watch a funny clip from a comedy on YouTube, or put on your favourite song!
  2. Have things around you whilst working that make you smile – maybe a photograph or a nice smelling candle.
  3. Have fun with your to-do list! Make sure you have something on your to do list every day to look forward to, maybe to 'take a long walk’, 'have a candlelit bath' or ‘watch my favourite film!’
  4. Commit to forming one new healthy habit! Maybe going to bed earlier or getting some fresh air at lunch time or not checking your emails or phone past a certain time.
  5. Book in time to spend or talk with the people you love!
  6. Reach out to any friends, family or colleagues to let them know you are here anytime for chats, walks or invite them for a spontaneous coffee break that day! January can be a tough month for many and you might just brighten their whole day!
  7. Spend a day having a good sort out and either getting rid of or donating things you won't use again to charity – having a good clear out can really clear the mind and make you feel more focused! You could even have a social media clear out – we spend so much time on our devices, so make sure the accounts and online interactions you are having are ones that make you feel good!
  8. Treat yourself to something special! Maybe book a nice meal or spa treatment to look forward to, or even treating yourself to something you’ve wanted in a while – you deserve it!
  9. Don't stress about New Year’s Resolutions, instead set yourself goals and have things to look forward to for the year, why not do something fun like creating a bucket list for the year of the places you’d like to go or activities you’d like to do!
  10. Make yourself a vision and motivation board with all the things that inspire, motivate and drive you to remind yourself of your goals and why you want to achieve them!


We hope that our Top Tips help and bring some new joy to your new year! You can also listen to our Podcast on Mental Health and Wellbeing at work here. If a new role is on the cards too then why not get in touch with us! We are always looking for new talent for the industry and would love to hear from you! You can find out about all of our latest opportunities on our jobs page here.

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