How To Provide a Reference When You’ve Accepted a New Job!

HOW TO… Provide a Reference When You’ve Accepted a New Job!

Congratulations! You have been offered and accepted a new job! What to do next…

The next steps are important to get right, as your new employer will want to gather professional references from at least two individuals you have worked with previously. It is standard practise that job offers are dependent on successful reference checks so it’s vital to manage this step correctly ahead of starting your new role. Usually one of the references will be from your current employer, and the other from a previous employer.

If this is your first job, you might want to ask an academic tutor or someone who can provide a professional personal reference instead.

What is the reference for?

A professional reference is a formal statement that describes your professional skills and on-the-job experience in a specific field. They can also provide information about your performance and work ethic. A reference can often provide great reassurance to the new employer that they’ve made the right decision in appointing you in the role.

It’s a myth!

You cannot receive a bad reference” – do not rely on this, as people can in fact refuse to give a reference, which tends to mean they are refusing in order to avoid giving a bad reference. Always therefore make sure to do your best to leave any role on good terms where possible!

Before sharing the details of your preferred referees with your new employer do the following:

  1. Personally reach out via phone or email to the referees you want to act on your behalf.
  2. Politely ask if they would be happy to act as a referee for you.
  3. You can let them know where you have been offered a role and what the role is.
  4. Ask them what the best contact details are to share with your new employer and if they are going to be around in the next few weeks (if they are going to be away you might like to give your new employer a heads-up that they may be slow to respond).

Top Tip!

Remember, you should NOT assume someone will act as a referee just because they once said they would provide a reference a few years ago. Each time you require a reference make sure you ask your referee for permission first to ensure that they are still happy to act as a referee on your behalf. Following these steps will ensure a smooth process for you and your new employer, and ensure a confident and positive first impression for when you commence your new role. It is also a great opportunity to keep those past professional relationships alive!

Lastly, remember to thank your references for their time and help. Why not invite them for a coffee once you’ve settled in! Maintaining strong working relationships, old and new, can offer great support when thinking of your long term career.

If you are looking for guidance or advice on how to manage your reference requests ahead of starting a new role, don’t hesitate to get in touch - the team at Inspired Selection will be happy to help!