How To Stand Out In Trade Publishing

#workinpublishing week


This is your goal. In any competitive, creative and highly sought after field it is key to be the best you can be in order to really thrive in your career. Trade Publishing is over-subscribed but with the right amount of ambition, good fortune and business savviness you can stand out from the crowd and get that in-demand role. Here are a few tips to keep in mind on your way up:


  1. Immerse yourself in the industry

    Be proactive and really get involved at events, via twitter and blogs/vlogs. Research the products, competitors and what’s trending. Network and get to know the Trade Publishing world inside out – industry professionals are proud of what they do and can be very open and willing to talk about their career paths.


  2. Do what you say you’ll do

    It is important to create a positive impression in this small industry and if you are perceived as a trustworthy and reliable employee, you will go a long way! Always do what you say you’ll do including the small things and never over promise and under deliver.


  3. Take risks and work hard

    Most successful individuals see opportunities in risks – for example, leaving a permanent job for a maternity cover contract, or relocating for a new opportunity in a city you haven’t lived in before; both these options could lead onto bigger things and involve an element of risk and a lot of hard work!


  4. Think creatively

    I recently went to the Galley Club and listened to Anna Faherty’s event Diverge! How thinking differently could boost your career. It is very important to give yourself permission to think creatively, don’t go with the status quo and try to diversify your experiences, hobbies and research in order to show initiative and ideas in meetings. You never know what amazing ideas you’ll come up with if you give yourself a bit of breathing space.


  5. Be genuine

    An important industry-must is to be authentic, be yourself and be friendly. It is important to nurture relationships throughout your career. Be confident being nice – industry events can sometimes be daunting if you do not know anyone but you will stand out if you say hello and you never know you might make friends as well as future colleagues!