Independent Bookshop Week 2017 #ibw17

Having reached the end of another Independent Bookshop Week, Inspired Search & Selection wanted to take the opportunity to look back and celebrate the occasion. We have, for many years, been big lovers of our local indie bookshop - the Riverside Bookshop - and you'll often find one of us in there at lunch or after work.


The week is designed to put our local independent bookshops in the spotlight. These are not just centres of commerce, part of the supply chain between production and reading. These are local fixtures of the community, where book groups, readings, coffee mornings, family events and a high volume of local knowledge are all held. These are the places that make people associate books with friendships, their neighbours and their local area.


Whether you're a publisher of the hottest summer read or of specific local history, the reliance on the Booksellers in these shops to get your book into the right hands mustn't be forgotten. The best CRM system in the world will be hard pressed to compete with the knowledge and understanding of the stock that many of these indie booksellers hold and as they take the time to get to know the readers (sometimes over the course of years), they point them in the right direction towards the various bookshelves.


Throughout the week, bookshops across the country held events as part of the week, each done in their own way, knowing their audience and community. Our Search Director, Abigail Barclay, attended her local bookshop event in Sevenoaks, for example,  which gave an opportunity to browse the store into the night, to the backdrop of live music and a glass of bubbly. Booksellers, local residents and authors all came together to celebrate something they have in common - a love of books and reading.


When you're next thinking about how to take your books to market, don't forget the creativity and agility with which these shops can operate. And when you're next out shopping on your local high street, don't forget to pop in to your local indie bookshop and see what they have in store...

Sevenoaks Bookshop