Inspired at IPG Autumn Conference

What another brilliant conference! Thank you to Bridget and the team. You always manage to put on a really fantastic line up of engaging speakers, topics and enable everyone to take away great new knowledge and tips to put into practise. Like a wise colleague said, IPG go that step beyond when they put on a conference and don’t just think about what speakers would look good but how they can truly add value to people’s businesses. IPG appreciate that the members and delegates attending have really invested their time to be there for a reason, not just that, but they urge you to speak to the selected exhibitors who they know will be able to also add value to your businesses. Overall, the day was a complete success so thank you to the team that makes this happen!




I started writing a blog and it soon became too long and more report like so decided to scrap that and write 11 top things we learned type blog and will follow up with some more detailed info later on:

  1. Challenge your methods – Rohan Silva approaching curating by changing the mixture, stirring it up and creating different, unpredicted, commercially successful results

  2. Get your Rights Right – such a crucial piece of due diligence for any business, if you can’t prove you own the rights, the business will not be as valuable and proving ownership will be difficult- speak to PLS about getting your rights right!

  3. Independents publishers are in pretty good shape – securing 3 out of the 6 places on the Man Book Prize shortlist – well done!

  4. Digital Marketing – something we should all be much more read up on, read Simon Kingsnorth useful book on Digital marketing and commit to having really clear goals and objectives, finding out how to achieve these sensibly and then just go for it!

  5. Data – using data to tell our story – data can give you a really clear picture on how your overall business is performing, which titles are doing well, which editors are performing the best, which sales people are most effective but having the whole picture, can help you tell a clear story to the business

  6. Annual Reports - Neilson presented some interesting findings on their latest IPG report to be published in the next few months.

  7. Shocking revelation – the government created a financial model for student loans which has backfired and caused financial problems as their model was based on more men going to university and taking out a student loans which they predicted to be paid back quicker as men do get paid more than women! For the government to be building financial models on this is just wrong! The changing factor here is that more women are going to university than men but sadly women are still being paid less than men! Come on world let’s sort this out!

  1. Think long term – when publicising a book, everyone you speak to could be a great contact for the future and so don’t just go for the quick wins. Think about what your reviewers and journalists are interested in and present a couple of books that you think will be in line with what they like to write about.
  2. Get the right CRM – spend time finding the right system for you, that stores enough quality data and allows you to target your customer segments effectively

  3. Know Yourself – are you a corporate, doing the same thing over and over but trying to be better each time? Or are you a start-up – discovering together what it is you do? It’s likely you will be a bit of both and so know when to switch between the two styles.

  4. Test your idea – what is the minimum viable product you could test before you invest in the entire line? Advertising for something before it’s made could give you an idea of the response and demand and cost much less time and money than building it!


We almost expected there to be a bit of doom and gloom in the room and whilst there is still a bit of unrest over pricing, the industry has quickly shifted back to business as usual, finding solutions for future pricing, being proactive in working with suppliers and talking to each other. But overall the messages were that it is business as usual, hiring is continuing to happen and businesses are continuing to grow.