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11 Nov 2016
Next week is #workinpublishing week, a fantastic initiative run by the Publishers Association to encourage those interested in publishing and those from outside the trade to join our wonderful industry.
19 May 2016
25 Sep 2015
Last night we attended BookMachine’s birthday bash to celebrate five wonderful years of events an
05 Jun 2015
Inspired Selection are very excited to be sponsors of this initiative recognising the stand out talent within our industry. This is the first time we have sponsored this article and with the backing of Frankfurt Book fair alongside, this list is definitely one to sit up and take notice of.
09 Apr 2015
We were delighted to attend the City University London 2014-15 MA Publishing event.
06 Feb 2015
Feeling like students again, we settled down into a cosy lecture hall at University College London yesterday afternoon to listen to an impressive panel tackle the popular topic “What Digital Skills do Publishers Need?”.
19 Nov 2014
The end of the day found all attendees back in the main seminar room for the concluding panel. Chaired by CUP’s Alistair Horne, the seminar unfolded into an animated discussion on The Perfect Publisher, bringing us full circle from the seeds planted earlier in the day by Ursula.
13 Nov 2014
The next instalment of our coverage of Saturday’s SYP conference focuses on the digital and the power of the consumer within the publishing industry. The first seminar was centred around ‘The Physical Bookshop in a Digital World’ and ‘The Ideal Bookshop’ and how, in this ever changing industry ...