Inspiring Graduates: Success Stories #6

Following the amazing SYP Conference this weekend, we have a few more Inspiring Graduate Success Stories that we would like to share. Today we have Ana Ortiz Rosete, International Rights Assistant at Bloomsbury.

What route did you take to get into publishing?

A combination of academic and professional experience. Firstly, when I was still in Spain, I did a placement at the University Press where I did my degree: undoubtedly, that was my first master at publishing, I learned so much. After that, I decided that I wanted to learn more about the publishing industry so that is when I decided to come to the UK to do my master in Publishing at Kingston University. In my case, I am pretty sure that getting a job in London would have been a harder work without the masters background. However, I do not think that is an impossible task, most people in the office haven’t done a specialised masters in Publishing although I guess it helps.


How did you get your current role?

I got this job because I did an internship with them before in the year. I arrived at Bloomsbury in February to do a two week long placement but after that, I was offered to come back in September for a long internship to help them for Frankfurt Book Fair. However, that never got to happen because in May, they were expanding the department and a Rights Assistant position was available: I was lucky and they remembered me.


What is the most rewarding thing about working in publishing?

Meeting interesting people and learning about things that I would probably not discover on my own.


Since starting your career in publishing, has your view of the industry changed at all?

Of course, my view has changed: I would say since I started the first internship in Spain, you realise how much work there is behind a book (I do not think general readers are aware of how much it is needed to launch a successful book to the market).


What would be your top tip for graduates looking to get into the industry?

Internships and events! Do as many placements and go to as many events as you can because that means meeting people from the industry. If you give a good impression and keep in touch with them, they may remember you when looking for a new person.