Inspiring Graduates: Success Stories #7

Today we have our penultimate Inspiring Graduate Success Story from Imran Ahmed, Desk Editor at Quintessence Publishing.

What route did you take to get into publishing?

After completing my BSc in Neuroscience I studied an MA Publishing at University College London, where I achieved a Pass with Distinction. Using my MA I got my first job in publishing as a Journal Publishing Assistant at Portland Press Ltd/ Biochemical Society through a recruitment agency.

How did you get your current role?

After serving as a Journal Publishing Assistant and Editorial Administrator at Portland Press Ltd/ Biochemical Society I wanted to focus on the production side of publishing. I applied for the role of desk editor at Quintessence publishing through the recruitment agency Inspired Selection and was successful.

What is the most rewarding thing about working in publishing?

The most rewarding aspect of working in publishing is being part of the process of disseminating research, which could potentially improve the lives and wellbeing of millions within the community. Not only that I have met some interesting and like minded people during the journey and made life-long friendships throughout my time here.

Since starting your career in publishing, has your view of the industry changed at all?

My perspective of the industry is constantly changing because the industry is in a constant state of flux and transformation. Particularly with regard to STM publishing, there are lots of different publishers experimenting with different publishing models. With the emergence of open access publishing publishers are continually looking at new ways in which to meet the needs of the scholarly community and ensure research and content is disseminated effectively and to the widest possible audience. This makes our roles much more interesting as there is greater diversity in the tasks we perform on a daily basis.

What would be your top tip for graduates looking to get into the industry?

Stay attuned to how the publishing landscape is changing, because it is in a continuous state of development and transition. If you can make potential employers aware of what interests you about these changes and what you can bring to the table then you have a real shot at breaking into the industry.