Kingston University Visit 2016

Today Chloe Rhys and Kristy Collingbourne paid a visit to Kingston University to see their Publishing MA students who will graduate in 2017. We were warmly welcomed by course leader Judith Watts to give a talk on the ins and outs of the publishing landscape for entry level roles. Our visit was aptly timed as we are in the midst of #workinpublishing week, a scheme organised by the Publishers Association.

Our top tips for the MA students were:

  • Ensure your CV reads as a narrative with accurate dates to show your potential employer your journey into publishing

  • Don’t oversell yourself on your CV, if you spent a week in editorial and you proofread a chapter don’t write down you read the entire novel. You want to be authentic.

  • Highlight your transferrable skills. What previous employment or work experience have you had? Is it relevant to publishing? Highlight those key skills with bullet points to demonstrate how you would fit into a specific role

  • Use social media to engage with the publishers that you want to work at, make a twitter list if necessary to keep up to date with the latest trends and news from their publishing network. Your aim should be to immerse yourself in the industry so that you can understand your marketability.

  • Stay open-minded as to which sector you’d like to work in. Make sure you explore all the options so that you can make an informed decision, based on your skills, experience, and priorities.

  • Many people justify why they want a role in publishing by citing their creativity, and their love of books. You should demonstrate commercial awareness as well as your creative side in your covering letter. Show an understanding of how you can add value to a future employer.

  • Throughout the process ensure you are genuine and include something unique about you. Think about something that will make you stand out, leave the company with something to remember you by.

  • We can help! Our Junior Consultant has a breadth of knowledge of the junior market and so is well placed to advise and help you find your first role in publishing!

#workinpublishing week

We had a wonderful time and hope our guide ‘How to get into Publishing’ proves useful to the students. Thank you Judith and MA students for having us, we hope to see you all on social media and out and about at events soon!