Looking for a job in EdTech or Educational Publishing? We are here to help!

You might have recently completed your PGCE (or a similar teaching qualification), or be working as a teacher currently, and decided teaching is not for you and so are now looking to explore your options. You have a unique opportunity to leverage your pedagogical insight and add value to the education sector through a role outside the classroom and pursue a career in EdTech or work in Educational Publishing, but where to start?

There are a whole host of opportunities out there for those looking to gain a foothold in the education space, and by no means do you necessarily need to have hands on teaching experience, nor a teaching qualification. Depending on the role, the requirements may vary but importantly, anyone looking to find their dream job in the education space will need an interest in and desire to learn about the latest trends and developments in teaching and learning.

Role disciplines in Educational Publishing and EdTech are wide spread, and job titles differ from one company to the next. Broadly speaking, you might see positions that spark an interest in Editorial, Content Creation, Project Management, Product Management, Instructional Design, Production, Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, Data Science, or otherwise.  Certain experience can be highly transferable when coming from other sectors, for instance: Software as a Service (SAAS) or technology industries lend themselves well to joining an EdTech company. Sales and Marketing expertise are relevant when gained in any sector and can transfer nicely when looking to join a publisher of Education materials. If thinking about exploring the role of Editor (or a content specific position) it will be highly valuable to have an understanding of how learning materials and teaching resources are used in a teaching environment. However, importantly, you will need excellent writing, editing, proofreading skills and great attention to detail.

Attending relevant Education conferences, such as BETT, can be an excellent way to gain an understanding of the EdTech companies and education products out there. If you are looking to explore your career options don’t hesitate to get in touch. Inspired Selection partners with EdTech and Educational Publishers of all shapes and sizes recruiting for roles at all levels, in the various disciplines, and we would be delighted to see how we can help. Feel free to follow us on LinkedIn or sign up to our job alerts here to keep abreast of the latest Education specific roles we have available.

Verity Hawson, Associate Director: EdTech & Educational Publishing