Managing Your Motivation and Goal Achievement!

January can be a tricky month, with lots of New Year resolutions and lots of newly motivated people around, it can feel overwhelming! We attended the Penguin Live event, ‘Boost Your Motivation’ where Adrienne Herbert, Author, Podcaster and Wellness professional interviewed Dr Julie Smith, a clinical Psychologist who recently released the book ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?’. If you missed it, we’ve listed some key takeaways for you!

Motivation is a sensation and feeling like any other. If you wait for it to arrive it may not always come, but you can influence, to invite it to arrive. But how do we do this?

  • Start with the basics – emotions are generated from the body so look after your body, with the foundations of good mental and physical health – good nutrition, sleep, physical movement, social connection and routine. These are like your defence mechanisms which put you at risk when they slide, you can’t build on motivation if there isn’t a solid foundation to build on.
  • Set a specific goal and stay connected with that goal, giving yourself reminders and accountability – write it down, share it with a friend, or join forces with a peer group. Make it easy to do, try establishing new habits! Break it down into smaller goals along the way and reward / congratulate yourself when you reach those goals!

If you’re still not feeling it, or you have the urge to do the opposite of whatever your goal is, practice observing that urge, but without action. You can’t control the urges you have, but you can choose whether you act on it or not, or if you choose to do something instead that helps with your goals. If you can keep up good habits for a long time, they soon become part of your identity.

When you’re not hitting your goals, there can be an element of shame involved, especially when it seems others around you are doing so well. The advice here is to build awareness of noticing what your inner voice sounds like – if it’s more of a bully than a best friend, it could do with some work. So think about what you’d say to your friend having the same issue, and ensure you are kind to yourself! Challenge your relationship with failure also – if you adopt a growth mind set, you’ll see that effort will lead to improvement and failure is part of the learning process – you can then pivot, course correct and take the opportunity to try again.

When working from home, there can be a challenge of remaining motivated without the accountability of others around you, so perhaps think about what goals are accountable to yourself – what do you want to tick off your to do list to see it as a successful day? If you do have any time in the office perhaps keep some tasks which are easier to get distracted from, for there.

It can also be tricky to find the motivation to job hunt, and for that we are here to help! We have an expert team of consultants working across various sectors in the publishing industry and we are always working on a wide variety of job roles – if you’d be interested in receiving job alerts we have a Vacancy Update Service and lots of content across our social media channels, including lots of other blogs with some helpful advice! We hope to hear from you soon.