Quantum Conference 2019

You will have seen our Senior Consultant Helen Harradine was tweeting away at Quantum this year. The conference is a great way to start LBF week, where we can celebrate the importance of publishing content and telling stories. We’re privileged to work in an industry with unprecedented potential and possibilities. Thank you to the London Book Fair for a fantastic day, here are our top ten takeaways to ponder:

1. We can learn from history. Stephen Page, Chief Executive of Faber & Faber was the keynote and quotes from a speech Geoffrey Faber made in the 1930s. There are parallels between 90 years ago and now - the rise of extreme politics; economic challenges and questions of identity. Stephen believes that stories and new approaches to society and art are much needed.

2. Publishing is political. It should not be party specific but like it or not, publishing is more than making a profit, it is about the spread of knowledge and content. It has to acknowledge that making and publishing stories is a political act. It has a cultural responsibility.

 3. There is a generation entering publishing today that will make it their own. They want to work in a different way, read in a different way and publish in a different way. The old world is evolving and we want to make sure we are part of the new world. The key thing here is to listen and adapt to what your audience wants and not be closed off to innovation.

4. Audio is huge and not something that can be ignored! This is a massive growth area. People like audiobooks because you can do other things whilst you listen. When you can't read or find reading difficult, you can still consume books. This is a really encouraging point about audiobooks as it is reaching a new audience.

5. The rise and rise of non-fiction. There is an appetite for content across so many types of genres. Non-Fiction is popular because people want to hear personal stories from celebrities or historical figures - this also includes growth areas of self-help and business books.

6. There is no single model for success but there is an ongoing need to learn and listen to our consumers. Consumer Insight and learning to connect to those consumers and that audience should be something that is invested in. Metadata of course if still very important to help people/consumers find your books!

7. Influencer marketing is an opportunity to grow a long-term brand awareness and trust and tap into specific niches! Influencers don't have to have huge amounts of followers. It's a long-term game and doesn't just happen overnight but should be invested in.

8. Reading is so important and other medias do not not provide what reading provides. People are desperate for answers and truth in a complex world.

9. Collaboration is the future - form alliances and learn from your competitors. We have more in common with our competitors than we realise. We should be forming alliances across our industry and others and work together. Without growth and innovation, we die!

10. Continue to publish brilliantly and boldly.

It certainly shaped up to be an amazing conference, and week at London Book Fair this year. We can't believe that's another year over, but we are also excited to see what 2019 has to offer - here's to the next LBF.