Reset, Recharge and Reach your goals in 2021

Are we all feeling like we could be the star on top of the Christmas tree after that webinar?! Uplifted, hopeful and energised. Well if you missed it, don’t worry – we will bring a taste of it here for you.


Last night, we had the third in the #InspiredWebinarSeries; a webinar set to ‘Reset, Recharge and Reach your goals in 2021’. Hosted by Inspired Selection MD, Suzy Astbury, we heard from Elle Brenton-Rounding (Senior Rights Executive at Little Tiger Press), Alexa Shoen (Founder of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS) and Raakhi Vadera (HR Manager at Pan Macmillan) with their advice, experience and hopes as we get ready to embark on a New Year. The conversation covered career plans, goal achievement, fear facing, admiration and skills gaps and oh so much more.


Starting with career planning, the whole panel was in agreement that we can’t be expected to know exactly what we want, or what is best for us to do, as young adults when we are asked to be making so many key decisions. As Elle pointed out, many of us don’t have a pre-existing network of people to call upon for guidance at the age of 18 when we are making these decisions and it can be overwhelming to feel like we’re making life decisions at that stage. Breathe. We’re not. What we do at that age can be an important part of our learning and journey but it doesn’t need to define the path ahead. It’s a good idea to try things out and see how we find different environments and roles. Talk to people who are in careers that we’re interested in and ask how they got there. As Alexa says, ‘follow your curiosity’.


Once we have a better idea of the direction in which we want to travel, we can start setting some goals. Got your goals? Excellent, now… how are you going to achieve them? The panel reminded us of the importance of doing our research and homework. What is the reality behind the goal we have in mind? And as Alexa warns us, we shouldn’t let ourselves be blinded by the sexiness of something! Nor should we get carried away simply pursuing the things we’re passionate about; we may not want to risk ruining that passion by turning it into a job. Slow down, stop thinking in broad general terms about what you want and be specific. Set out very clear steps that lead you to the end result. It was a really empowering discussion; the panel made us feel like these goals shouldn’t be seen as something far away, out of reach, but rather an experience we simply haven’t had yet. Raakhi inspired us to know our worth and consider the skillsets that we have outside of the workplace and how it could add value to the career goals you have, ‘remember your own value’.


Again, the recommendation to ask for advice came up here and it continued to thread throughout the discussion. Raakhi continued by explaining that getting a foot in the door into the industry didn’t just mean getting that first job, it can also mean networking. Elle suggested asking people for virtual coffees and picking their brains for tips and tricks on the industry and reassured us at just how much people love being asked for advice and sharing their experiences.


Looking into 2021 we have a different world in which to plan. Whether it’s upskilling in social media, sensitivity reading or getting better practiced at positioning our personal goals in light of benefits to the business (i.e. if you promote me, I will save you time and make you money), we will all go away from the webinar, and hopefully this blog, with a renewed sense of positive energy and next year.

This has been a year that we won’t forget and we have all learned so much. It was moving to hear from each panellist about the people close to them who they have admired the most during the course of this year and perhaps something we should all consider. The resilience, creativity and adaptability that we have all shown and seen in those around us has been truly masterful. We have all learned more about the world and are committed to constant improvements at listening with open ears to a broader, more diverse range of ideas. We truly believe in the value and benefits of fresh perspectives and look forward to hearing more of them in 2021.


And remember publishing people, we all have the same 24h in a day as Beyoncé. Let her album title ‘Lemonade’ be a reminder to us all that we can make lemonade out of lemons and twist a slice of whatever we have found hard this year with the sweetness of this positive advice and raise our glasses to a Happy New Year!



If you are looking for career advice on how to get into, or ahead in Publishing, please do get in touch, we will be delighted to help you as we have helped thousands of other candidates over the last 20 years find their path and pursue their dream job in Publishing.