Safeguard your employees – a guide to Re-Opening your offices safely

During the IPG conference yesterday, we joined a really helpful session with Jane Mann, Employment Lawyer from Fox Williams. 

We wanted to share her top tips to think about hazards you might encounter when re-opening your offices. You have a legal duty to safeguard your employee’s safety. It is a highly complex operation to re-open your place of work but approached in the correct way, it can be a smooth and stress free transition. 


Jane has created a 10 step guide to follow to open your offices safely:

  1. Learn from others and study the official guidance – so do try and share information
  2. Carry our risk assessment
  3. Update your health & safety policy
  4. Follow the current government guidance closely
  5. Draft a Covid19 testing, tracing and disease management protocol
  6. Keep up to date with the latest advice – this is changing all the time – give the task to a group of employees to keep on top of this so you H&S is up to date
  7. Document everything – have written records of your journey and the decisions you have taken on the assessment on risk and what you will include in the H&S policy – keep PDFs
  8. Consult staff and Health and safety representatives
  9. Train managers and staff – induct your staff back into the office
  10. Focus on solutions to the difficult issues –  be careful not to discriminate in your policies – think always of equality

The main focus really is to ensure you consult with your staff on their return to work, ensure you safe guard your employees as much as you possible can, keep up to date with developments and document everything!

Inspired Search has also written a mini white paper on this topic from the perspective of wellness rather than legal requirements. We would always recommend talking to a lawyer or health & safety expert if you are not sure or clear on anything to protect yourself, your staff and your business.

If you are keen to receive a copy of our white paper, please email Suzy Astbury or Abigail Barclay with the subject line: Investing in Returning to Work White Paper