Skills in the Time of Coronavirus

We are in unprecedented times. The whole world of work suddenly looks very different with the majority of people remotely working and plans – everything from strategic business plans to personal plans – are being constantly adjusted.

At Inspired, we have been so inspired (pardon the pun) by our wonderful publishing clients. Resilience, adaptability and kindness are just a few of the remarkable and impressive qualities that are being employed by publishers globally.

It’s becoming clear that as the working environment has changed, companies demand changing skills from their staff. While all publishers are different, here are the top ten skills that we are seeing makes someone, or indeed a business, successful in these times:


  1. Flexibility: being able to change your policies quickly with updating government guidelines is crucial in this period. Being able to adapt to new ways and hours of working is key to being productive while juggling life / work.
  2. Problem Solving: Being successful in a time of national crisis means problem solving, whatever level you’re working at. Think creatively about the scenario, what does this new way of working offer you, and what barriers does it break down? Take initiative to make your plans happen - don't wait for someone else to solve the problem!
  3. Commercial acumen: Those in the Senior Leadership Team will be required to know the numbers inside out currently in order to sensibly plan for a secure future. Whatever your role, it’s a good idea to realistically review your plan for the next few months. Your goals will have changed so set some new SMART goals that can allow you to feel successful.
  4. Planning: Plan, plan, plan! Set up a daily routine if possible and think carefully about what you can achieve in the time that you do have. Think ahead to the next couple of days, what needs to get done and what can colleagues help with?
  5. Think Digital: Digital is the bedrock of this period. It will form the basis of our communication, supply chains, workflows and perhaps products. If you’re not doing any of those digitally now, consider how you might.
  6. Social Media: Although this is part of Digital Thinking, it deserves a point in its own right. Having strong social engagement with other brands, authors, influencers will be the networking of today. Brush up your social media accounts if you haven’t already and find online events, communities and groups to keep yourself up to date with industry trends.
  7. Internal Networking: It can be very easy to keep yourself to yourself when working from home. To be internally successful, it’s important to retain your internal brand. Set up virtual coffees with people, make sure you’re present and engaged with every team meeting.
  8. Empathy & Respect: Because the current challenges are so intertwined with our personal lives, everyone will be finding different things hard. We might all be in the same boat, but each journey is very different. Respect each other and be kind. 
  9. Perspective: This is undoubtedly a national emergency and we mustn’t belittle that. Keep following the government guidelines and keep safe but try not to lose who you are and why you enjoy your job. Plan, be realistic, adapt what you need to in order to make it work and be productive.
  10. Positivity: This can be the hardest one but positivity is infectious and if you can help keep spirits high, you’ll be smiling yourself! A positive team is a productive one so carve out time to get together online as a team and share success stories, do a quiz and be there for each other.


We know you’ve got this, Team Publishing!