SYP London Publishing Skills Workshop: Careers Clinic

After a fantastic evening at the SYP annual ‘Career Speed Dating’ event on Tuesday this week, we didn’t stop there! The following day saw the first in the series of SYP Skills Workshops. This was actually led by our Managing Director, Suzy Astbury at HarperCollins offices. It was a whistle stop tour of how to get a job in publishing whether entry level or experienced. Those attending were able to walk away feeling confident with lots of information on how to find jobs, make contacts, create stand out applications and finally, how to do well in the all-important interview! Here are our top tips:

  • Networking: Preparation and planning is key! Set yourself goals, as this will give you the confidence boost you need to go in with a clear plan, make the best use of your time and don’t be afraid to go alone. Know how you are going to introduce yourself and how you will be memorable to other people at the event. Make yourself known to the organisers and thank them. Follow-up with the people that you met! This is so important – if you have a fantastic conversation and don’t follow-up on this, then you may have missed out on a massive opportunity.
  • CV: although there are lots of different opinions on a good CV and no set rules, generally employers only spend a few seconds scanning, so you need to make it count. Ensure your CV is clear, the format is clear and consistent throughout and you’re highlighting relevant experience for the role you wish to apply for.
  • Cover Letter: Don’t make it too long or include the same information as your CV. Really focus on the organisation and role you are applying for, why you’re interested in working for the company and what you can offer the company. Ensure you demonstrate your skills relevant to the job description and why you think they are a good match.
  • Interview: You’ve finally got that interview for the role you really want... what do you do? Prepare! Research the company and job thoroughly and prepare some good futuristic questions. Re-read all your application details, and know who you are meeting. Know how you will get there and plan your journey. Make sure you are smartly presented and professional.

At Inspired Selection, we will give advice on your CV, cover letter and come up with ideas for roles. We have access to a wide range of positions, some that you may not have heard of. We will give insight into the role and company, as well as fully preparing you for your interview and providing you with feedback.

Thank you so much to SYP for the invite to lead the first Publishing Skills Workshop. Whether you are looking for your first role, or making your way to the top – get in touch with our consultants here at Inspired Selection to help!