Why we LOVE to #WorkInPublishing…

Following a week of hearing from the industry that we are all so passionate about exactly why people want to work in this sector, we thought we would share with you the reasons why the team here at Inspired Selection love to #workinpublishing and what drives us to help publishing professionals find their dream job! Let’s hear what the team have to say…

Suzy says, “I love publishing because of the people that work in it. They are creative, intelligent, kind, fun, social and they all love books and reading.”

Suzy Astbury, MD & interim STM Publishing Specialist

Donald says, “In my role, working with our Academic clients and candidates, I enjoy finding successful new candidates and appreciate the effect a successful placement has on their future career. I also enjoy working with my recruitment colleagues and using my experience to be of help in contributing to further colleague’s skills/experience. At Inspired, we are very much a team, with a team focus on how we recruit permanent and temporary candidates for the large variety of publishing roles received from our clients.

Attending networking events and important industry conferences ensure that we keep completely up to date with issues important to the publishing sector e.g. Open Access, digital publishing, and digital workflows - and add to making my job really interesting!”

Donald Smith, Deputy MD & Academic Publishing Specialist

Esme says, “I absolutely love the diversity that comes with working in publishing! It is such an amazing industry with so many different sectors, there really is something for everybody! I have the absolute pleasure of working in the Professional Publishing sector, this means that one day I might be working with a professional business publisher, and the next with a consumer magazine publisher in the travel sector. On top of all of this, the people in this industry are incredibly determined, hugely successful and frankly just really nice!”

Esme Richardson, Associate Director & Professional Publishing Specialist

Verity says, “I am not a teacher but I am in awe of teachers, and I do so love Education and how it can change people’s lives. Education is my area of specialism in my job, and is the reason I love to #workinpublishing. It gives me great satisfaction being able to make an impact on the Education sector by helping EdTech companies, Educational Publishers or other types of learning organisations find the expertise they need to be able to ensure they are creating products and services that are useful to teachers and learners. And vice versa, I love being in a position where I can open the eyes of Education professionals to the host of opportunities available to them in the Educational Publishing space, and enjoy guiding them to the sort of roles into which they can transfer their skills and experience."

Verity Hawson, Associate Director & Educational Publishing Specialist

Helen says, “I #workinpublishing because you all inspire me with the stories that you create with your careers within the publishing industry and the products you help bring to life! Careers are your story to write and I admire the ambition and creativity of industry professionals. I specialise in Trade Publishing, the most visible part of the industry for consumers, and it is so exciting to see how there are true influencers changing the industry, looking to the future and enabling books in various different formats to get into readers hands and change lives.”  

Helen Harradine, Senior Consultant & Trade Publishing Specialist

Chloe says, “I work in publishing because when looking for a new role within recruitment, I wanted something more creative. I was excited by the passion and fantastic network feel within publishing, finding everyone extremely friendly and helpful when trying to build up knowledge of the industry. With a love for books personally, it was a natural fit and I really enjoy working within publishing with such a great team.”

Chloe Daniell, Consultant & Entry-Level Publishing Specialist

Rhiannon says, “I work in publishing because of the fantastically creative and friendly people. On a fast moving Temps desk I work with candidates and clients closely on a day to day basis, often under time constraints but the people are nothing but pleasant and always looking to help. I often get feedback from candidates who are temping that the team they are working with have been wonderful and welcoming, and it makes my job so satisfying when candidates and clients are happy. When discussing with candidates about their careers, they are often so passionate about what they have been doing, and the same with clients giving job briefings; the enthusiasm is infectious! I love getting to work across a wide range of publishers, and with a wide range of people; no day is ever the same!”

Rhiannon Griffiths, Junior Consultant & Temporary / Freelance Publishing Specialist

Shalini says, “I love working in publishing because it’s a very close-knit social community where individuality is encouraged and ideas can be shared; in my experience, there is no ‘typical’ office environment, but creativity is impactful on wider environments and can make a big difference.”

Shalini Bhatt, Junior Consultant & Entry-Level Publishing Specialist

Kristy says, “I work in publishing because of the people, and for every single person that brings their passion to the industry. We all have such interesting stories to tell. Oh, and the books of course!”

Kristy Collingbourne, Researcher & PA to the MD


From all of us at Inspired Selection, very happy #WorkInPublishing Week!