#Workinpublishing – Publishing Recruitment?

What a week it has been, with top tips coming from all over the industry to conferences to encourage inclusivity and pledges being signed up to left right and centre, there is no better time to be joining this proactive, passionate and forward thinking industry. The landscape is changing, and I for one am exciting to not just be a part of that change, but driving it! Let’s keep these positive messages moving forward and each take responsibility for building a brighter, more inclusive future for our incredible industry!

#Workinpublishing week has been hugely interesting and so interactive, it really reflects what an incredibly supportive place publishing is to be. Well done again must be said to the Publishers Association for organising and engaging industry wide, surely they must be up for an award for their tireless efforts with this scheme.

It’s great to see just how many people have been getting involved in helping to advise candidates the best approach when looking to get into the industry, in particular via these live Q&A’s  that have been streaming online.  It got me to thinking that we at Inspired, who do this on a daily basis, are so lucky to be able to help people on their way from the start of the industry and all the way along their career.  If this is something you have enjoyed doing this week and being a part of and are intrigued to find out what else might be involved in our roles, then publishing recruitment might just be a great career move for you to make. This is how I got into recruitment and would love to speak to anyone who is intrigued to find out more.

Please send me an email to s.astbury@inspiredselection.com with a CV and outline as to what you think you could bring to a role at Inspired.