E.g., 09/12/2022
25 Jul 2022
We all hope that when we go to work, we are working in a safe, comfortable and professional environment, and for most of us this is the case.
06 Jul 2022
Your chronic illness is your super power! Championing chronic illness in the workplace.
21 Jun 2022
June – the month for strawberry-picking, Glastonbury and the Jubliee…. Nothing short of a four-week celebration of what it is to be British.
16 May 2022
On the 4th of May the Charity upReach, that works to create conditions for undergraduates from less-advantaged backgrounds to access and sustain top graduate jobs, celebrated their 10 year anniversary.
10 May 2022
With an article in today’s Bookseller on the industry suffering from burnout and it being Mental Health Awareness week, we wanted to share some of our thoughts and support to anyone out there suffering but also on how you should be looking after your team, your colleagues and your friends and fam
25 Apr 2022
Jobs in editorial are highly popular and sought after. It makes it that much more challenging in writing an application which stands out when you are applying for an entry-level role in editorial as an Editorial Assistant, an intern, a trainee or for work experience.
31 Jan 2022
January can be a tricky month, with lots of New Year resolutions and lots of newly motivated people around, it can feel overwhelming!
17 Jan 2022
The January Blues are a very real and overwhelming thing for so many.
17 Dec 2021
HOW TO… Provide a Reference When You’ve Accepted a New Job! Congratulations! You have been offered and accepted a new job! What to do next…