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14 Nov 2019
Last week, Consultants Rhiannon Griffiths and Alice Bidetti attended The Galley Club’s Eight Scenarios for the Future of Publishing event.
12 Nov 2019
Last Thursday evening, Lingyu and Alice attended the literary-star-studded ‘Superstars of Singapore Fiction’ event at Asia House, which is a part of the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival 2019, to learn about the words, stories and ideas from Asia and the diaspora.
07 Nov 2019
Earlier in the week, Alice and Shalini attended an insightful Byte the Book panel that looked at how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the creative industries. 
06 Nov 2019
STM publishing is a fascinating sector, and you will be amazed about the career opportunities it can offer. When looking at Entry-level jobs in this field, many of you might have noticed that they often require a BSc or higher qualifications. Why is that? And is there a way to begin a career in scientific publishing without a Science degree?
29 Oct 2019
In today's Inspired by Publishing Podcast we chat with Richard Charkin, CEO & Founder of Mensch Publishing about what it is like to start and run a small independent press, the challenges he’s faced and overcome along the way, and any advice he can share for others looking to do the same.
25 Oct 2019
Today on our Inspired by Publishing Podcast where we are joined by Tasha Mellins-Cohen at the Microbiology Society. Tasha chats with us today about the very important topics that are Open Access and Plan S.
10 Oct 2019
In our latest podcast we welcome Jon White from MakeMatic. He chats with us about various content types, new technologies available for the publishing industry and how we can bridge the gap between technology and cross-media content industries.
02 Oct 2019
Inspired Search & Selection is having a brilliant year celebrating 20 years of publishing recruitment excellence and expertise. We recently found out we have been shortlisted for an IRP award. 
25 Sep 2019
Today on the podcast our Managing Consultant Helen Harradine chats with Georgia Goodall, 2019 UK Chair of the SYP & Editorial Assistant at Carlton Books, to learn all about the Society of Young Publishers.
19 Sep 2019
The scientific, academic and professional publishing landscape is rapidly changing, and the ALPSP conference last week was incredibly insightful in order to understand how key issues like Plan S, Brexit, Open Access, Diversity, Data, Internationalisation and even Artificial Intelligence are affec