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12 Apr 2019
Our podcast today is focussing on the changing workforce and how publishers are adapting to this. We are delighted to welcome our guest, Emma House, CEO at The Publisher's Association to share with us her thoughts on what the year ahead, and beyond, may hold for the publishing industry.
01 Apr 2019
Last week Junior Consultant Shalini attended the first #FuturePub London event of the year, at the event there was a series of 6 mini talks, introducing new forms of technology by the developers. With so many advancements being made and focus being put on collaboration amongst peers, these bite-size talks gave a great insight into the changing publishing landscape.
29 Mar 2019
As you may have seen it’s a big year for Inspired Selection. As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, we sponsored the People Development Stream at London Book Fair, our second seminar was Building an Inclusive and Diverse Workforce for the Future. In case you missed it, here’s a quick roundup of our Diversity & Inclusion seminar, which had some fantastic speakers on the panel.
26 Mar 2019
Consultants Helen and Shalini went to the second Girls can do Anything panel in a series of free events put on as part of London’s Big Read 2019. It was an amazing event with an inspiring all female panel talking frankly about how they got to where they now are.
25 Mar 2019
You will have seen our Senior Consultant Helen Harradine at the Quantum Conference this year. The conference is a great way to start LBF week, where we can celebrate the importance of publishing content and telling stories. We’re privileged to work in an industry with unprecedented potential and possibilities.
22 Mar 2019
We kicked off our 20th year celebrations with a campaign at London Book Fair this year where we sponsored the People Development Seminar stream. Whilst we covered many subjects in the stream, one of the most notable, and sell out event was our Women in Leadership seminar. 
21 Mar 2019
Consultant Chloe Daniell attended Bibblio’s fifth Future of Media & Publishing Event, focussed on the B2B media sector. The brilliant panel of experts gave some extremely useful insight into how they have found ways to engage audiences in different ways, how they tackled these changes in their businesses, but also summed up some of the overall trends.
20 Mar 2019
Associate Director, Verity Hawson attended the Education Conference at London Book Fair last week, and heard all the insights into what they had to say about What Works? amidst the Education landscape today.
15 Mar 2019
After a successful week at London Book Fair, our podcast today is focussing on Publishing priorities and the focus for the industry this year, as well as looking ahead to hear what the future might hold.
06 Mar 2019
To start off Academic Book Week, Rhiannon from the Temps desk attended the Integrity in Academic Book Publishing event at Springer Nature, which provided a fantastic insight into all the elements to consider when publishing academic books and journals.