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08 Jan 2015
January is a time for positivity and for change; it might be new fitness regime, or a list of books you want to read, it might be a promise to yourself to attend the theatre more or to make more time for old friends, or it could be a career move and THIS is where we can help!
22 Dec 2014
What a year it’s been? From book fairs to awards ceremonies, conferences to volunteering, the Inspired team have had a whirlwind of a time.
19 Nov 2014
The end of the day found all attendees back in the main seminar room for the concluding panel. Chaired by CUP’s Alistair Horne, the seminar unfolded into an animated discussion on The Perfect Publisher, bringing us full circle from the seeds planted earlier in the day by Ursula.
13 Nov 2014
The next instalment of our coverage of Saturday’s SYP conference focuses on the digital and the power of the consumer within the publishing industry. The first seminar was centred around ‘The Physical Bookshop in a Digital World’ and ‘The Ideal Bookshop’ and how, in this ever changing industry ...
12 Nov 2014
More from the SYP Conference here. Read ahead to hear some really helpful hints and tips on creating a positive impact in your job applications and big social media no-no’s. Also, hear from some really successful publishers today talk about how the traditional publishing role is changing and what ...>
12 Nov 2014
On Monday night we attended the final Byte the Book event of the year at the gorgeous Ivy club to discuss 'What is the best publishing route for authors?' The panel line up was absolutely fantastic with Orna Ross (Author and Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors), Juliet Mushens (Literary ...
11 Nov 2014
Today we have our penultimate Inspiring Graduate Success Story from Imran Ahmed, Desk Editor at Quintessence Publishing. What route did you take to get into publishing? After completing my BSc in Neuroscience I studied an MA Publishing at University College London, where I achieved a Pass with ...
11 Nov 2014
So we split ourselves up to attend the different streams across the day, with this year’s theme being based all around ‘The Perfect Publisher’.   Each Inspired member got to attend a few of the talks being offered, and Najmun chose to attend ‘Dusting off the jacket’, ‘Diversity in Publishing’ ...
10 Nov 2014
We had an absolutely fantastic time at the SYP Conference 2014 on Saturday at the London College of Communication. As platinum sponsors of the event, Inspired Selection were involved with every aspect of Saturday’s conference; from giving away the official goodie bags (which were very popular) ...