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30 Jan 2015
On Tuesday night, Overleaf brought their Future of Science Publishing event back to where it all started this time last year.
26 Jan 2015
This week, Inspired Selection went along to the 2015 BETT Show at the ExCel centre which was jam packed with teachers, students and anyone and everyone interested in what is going on within the Education sector.
22 Jan 2015
“Describe a disposable camera”, Bob Harrison from Teaching Schools Technology Advisory Board requested as he opened LBFTT15’s conversation with a compelling talk
21 Jan 2015
Inspired Selection’s Graduate Consultant, Rachel Martin and Senior Consultant, Amy Martin attended the first Byte the Book event of 2015 and the last one in
14 Jan 2015
By Inspired Selection's Trade Recruitment Consultant, Helen Youngs (The Outgoing Chair)
08 Jan 2015
January is a time for positivity and for change; it might be new fitness regime, or a list of books you want to read, it might be a promise to yourself to attend the theatre more or to make more time for old friends, or it could be a career move and THIS is where we can help!
22 Dec 2014
What a year it’s been? From book fairs to awards ceremonies, conferences to volunteering, the Inspired team have had a whirlwind of a time.
19 Nov 2014
The end of the day found all attendees back in the main seminar room for the concluding panel. Chaired by CUP’s Alistair Horne, the seminar unfolded into an animated discussion on The Perfect Publisher, bringing us full circle from the seeds planted earlier in the day by Ursula.
13 Nov 2014
The next instalment of our coverage of Saturday’s SYP conference focuses on the digital and the power of the consumer within the publishing industry. The first seminar was centred around ‘The Physical Bookshop in a Digital World’ and ‘The Ideal Bookshop’ and how, in this ever changing industry ...