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12 Aug 2021
With the jobs market picking up so quickly, it’s harder than ever to make yourself stand out from the other applicants competing for the roles you’ll be going for - so what’s the best way to do this?
05 Aug 2021
The way we work, communicate and engage with each other has completely changed over the last 16 months – we have had to be agile and adaptable to new ways of working and collaborating each other.
19 Apr 2021
Last week Ingram Content Group hosted a really interesting webinar focusing on the Book Publishing Industry: A Year in Review.
13 Apr 2021
With the IPG Spring Conference nearly upon us I reflected on IPGSC2019 where the Chair of the IPG Bridget Shine,  asked me to speak on a panel around what independent publishers can do to create a more diverse and inclusive culture in their businesses.
01 Apr 2021
If we are honest as leaders and business owners, we’ve all been asking ourselves this very question at some point over this last year, if not right now. So I wanted to help answer it and to give your minds a bit of needed reassurance, rest and peace.
25 Feb 2021
Last week, the Oxford division of the Society of Young Publishers invited us to give an introduction to job applications in publishing, as their last event before handing over to a new committee - and what a fun night it was!
27 Jan 2021
Penguin Live hosted a fantastic event ‘Boost Your Confidence’ with the book launch of Chloe Brotheridge’s The Confidence Solution, following her previous release of The Anxiety Solution. Chloe is a hypnotherapist, author and coach, and also has The Calmer You Podcast.
05 Jan 2021
There are many challenges for publishers internationally with the current economic and political climate.
10 Dec 2020
Are we all feeling like we could be the star on top of the Christmas tree after that webinar?! Uplifted, hopeful and energised. Well if you missed it, don’t worry – we will bring a taste of it here for you.