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03 Jun 2020
During the IPG conference yesterday, we joined a really helpful session with Jane Mann, Employment Lawyer from Fox Williams. 
03 Jun 2020
  What an incredible day one of the IPG Virtual conference. The team at IPG led by the brilliant, Bridget Shine, has once again outdone itself by delivering the first virtual conference to the members of IPG.
19 May 2020
Over the last few years, we at Inspired have been attending a number of events, both online and offline, regarding mental health in the workplace.
23 Apr 2020
We have been invited by ConTech.Live to deliver a Webinar to take place on Wednesday 29th April 2020 @ 16.30 BST via Zoom. Titled “Adapt, Innovate and Inspire: supporting you, your workforce and your network during times of change”, find out more about what we will be discussing here, and sign up now!  
21 Apr 2020
We are in unprecedented times. The whole world of work suddenly looks very different with the majority of people remotely working and plans – everything from strategic business plans to personal plans – are being constantly adjusted.
03 Apr 2020
Some of us are more accustomed than others to working remotely, however I think we are ALL finding our feet at the moment. Despite being a confident “remote worker” myself (see my tips here on how to stay motivated), I have been pleasantly surprised at how my working day has changed in a positive way...
31 Mar 2020
We are in unprecedented times and the entire work-life ecosystem has suddenly changed as the current social-distancing effects everything about the way we work.
09 Mar 2020
How do international businesses interpret the black box of the China market?  Last Thursday, we attended a highly informative and insightful panel talk featuring branding experts to unveil the dos and don’ts for international brands to win China’s rapidly growing middle class market.
27 Feb 2020
Specialising in STM publishing roles, Consultant Shalini attended this insightful event hosted by In2scienceUK exploring factors contributing to the STEM participation crisis and how this can be combatted.