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23 Jun 2017
Wednesday night was such an inspiring evening when Bookmachine explored the question ‘Has there ever been a more interesting – and important – time for fiction in translation?’ Sponsored by the Times Literary Suppl
21 Jun 2017
On Monday night Inspired Selection’s consultants Kristy Collingbourne and Chloe Rhys were at The Groucho Club for Byte the Book’s debate on self-publishing.
14 Jun 2017
Inspired Selection are proud to be sponsoring the Salary Survey 2017.
16 May 2017
Last night, we pricked up our ears to hear all about the opportunities for Authors and Publishers in Audio. Byte the Book hosted a terrific panel at the Groucho Club, chaired by Videl Bar-Kar (former Audio Publisher at PRH).
10 May 2017
Last night we were at the whitefox 5 year anniversary party hosted by BookMachine at their new venue, the Library off Leicester Square. John Bond, co-founder of whitefox, kicked off with an introduction.
03 May 2017
When one of her students told Catherine Dixon in a typography seminar that they had relatives who taught typography  in a Brazilian favela, it was an opportunity not to be missed.
05 Apr 2017
So why are we still talking about Digital Transformation? Last night at the Galley Club, Roger Christiansen gave us a very good reason to be talking about it with an excellent account of e-business transformations and what this means for publishers today.