AI Experts in Publishing LIVE Q&A - what you need to know about AI!

  Inspired Selection LinkedIn Page
A recent article in The Bookseller had 80% of CEOs and business leaders across publishing predicting that AI will have the biggest impact on our industry.

We wanted to help publishers and publishing leaders to demystify AI, give you focus on what you and your teams need to be doing and get excited for where AI is heading and how it can really enhance your business and personal productivity.
So that’s what we decided to do!

Join us on the 25th January at 1pm on LinkedIn where we talk to industry experts Nadim Sadek, CEO of Shimmr AI and Sara Lloyd, Group Communications Director and Global AI Lead at Pan Macmillan.

We are going to delve into

✅ Where AI is going to add most value to you as a publisher
✅ What challenges or risks should publishers be aware of and how you can mitigate these
✅ How AI might impact our workforce and what skills we should individually be developing and hiring to futureproof
✅ Next big things for AI that we should watch out for!

Don’t forget, it’s a live show so you can ask whatever questions you like.




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