Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter – A Statement from Inspired Selection- June 2020


Inspired Selection has a huge responsibility to ensure that each individual we work with is treated equally, regardless of the colour of their skin. With the events following George Floyd’s death, we wanted to release a statement, because saying nothing is not the right thing to do and we wanted to address this head on.

For us, simply releasing our stance on equal opportunities and the pledges we have made is not good enough; we feel strongly that there is more that we must do to educate ourselves and challenge the way we work.

As always, we want to be transparent and honest.   We recognise that we can, and must, do more. To the extent that we have previously done less than we should, it’s time to hold up our hand and say that we will do better.

Calling out systemic racism in the UK is the first step in making lasting change.

Each member of our team is taking time to listen, ask questions and challenge themselves to understand how we can apply change to our business and the way we interact with others. We are all making time to read different books on racism and to improve our understanding of Black History.

When the full team are back at work in July, we will come together to share our thoughts and agree, not just better ways of thinking, but our approach to work in the future.  We will refine our mission statement to ensure that opportunities are open to all and Black Lives Matter.