City University MA Digital Showcase

We were delighted to attend the City University London 2014-15 MA Publishing event. It was a sunny afternoon just before the bank holiday weekend and it was officially the end of term with talk of dissertations and graduation. Mary Ann Kernan, Senior Lecturer, invited a variety of publishing professionals to peruse her students’ digital projects and then help with interview workshops, followed up with a concluding panel discussion.

The students were each showcasing their own app, website or portal and these digital projects were stunning examples of innovation, creativity and hard work. We were looking at a room full of “Digital Natives” who read via their phones and are used to getting information fast. They have all created something that appeals to them in their digital world, of which they are connoisseurs.

After the showcase, we moved onto the interview workshop to look at the students’ CVs and dish out advice with a bit of role play chucked in there for fun. It’s such a competitive industry, especially at graduate level, so even the most obvious advice is useful regarding the interview stage. This is a fantastic stage to get to because it means they think you are suitable for the job! You must do your research and really think about the core skills you need for the job you’re going for. You need to have examples that display these core skills and you’ll be surprised how transferable your skills you developed as a waitress are!

It was lovely to chat one-to-one with some of the students and it is really positive that we’ll have such talent looking to come into the industry. Many of the students are open-minded and want to forge a career where their skillset lies – I met an individual who wants to work in Rights, one who is determined to get into Production and is passionate about the final touches on a physical book and another, who is a grammar fiend and longs to work as an Editor in the future. It’s great to see such ambition and enthusiasm and as it was end of term a few of the students were presented with small gifts and of course, Mary Ann was given a bunch of flowers from her dutiful students!

For the concluding panel we came together to discuss our nuggets of advice and have a brief question and answer session. Former Professor, Andrew Welham, urged everyone to think about pay and how to fund their publishing career. Andrew Franklin, MD of Profile Books, avidly praised the students’ work and their solid experience that they can now talk about in an interview. We were all talking about the different interview techniques that are used, and the more effort you can put in to your preparation for the interview, the better the outcome will be and you will even enjoy the process as you will feel much more confident. The panel agreed that preparation and research was key in any interview process.  

A big thank you Mary Ann and City university for the invite at this really well planned and interesting event where we were privileged to witness and meet the innovative, creative and inspiring future talent to enter the publishing industry today!

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