Inspired Selection sponsoring the bookcareers Salary Survey

Inspired Selection are proud to be sponsoring the Salary Survey 2017. The salary asks those working in book and journal publishing to confidentially input their current salaries in order for the industry to get clear view of where we are compared to 2013 in terms of remuneration vs living costs and skill. It was launched in 1995 and since then has been an effective resource for the industry to understand remuneration across publishing.

Why is it important to promote and sponsor? The more accurate information we can collect through this survey, the more information we will have to advise and consult with the industry today to ensure that you are being paid properly and at a fair market rate.

It’s true to say that what drives a lot of people in publishing jobs every day is the passion for the content, the information and stories that we are creating for audiences all over the world. However it is also our career, and payment and value from employers is essential.

Suzanne Collier, says “Whilst the survey asks about pay and benefits, the background information allows us to form a snapshot of what is really going on in the industry right now:- what new job titles are emerging, how digital is influencing roles, as well as future employment prospects.  The Salary Survey has become an integral part of book industry research and is now recognised by all areas of the industry and at all levels; the results often received national news coverage.  We are delighted to be partnering with Inspired Search & Selection on this survey. 

Employers also need to and want to know what the market rate is for roles to ensure they are paying their employees fairly which is a difficult task unless we talk about it. So the survey allows an unbiased, neutral and accurate view of the industry as a whole which we can openly discuss at top level with publishers.

The survey also allows us to go beyond the salary itself, which is only one part of the way our financial and professional lives intersect. We will be looking at topics such as commuting and repaying student loans which are increasingly prevalent to our workforce.

So if you are keen to understand if our industry is paying fair salary levels then I ask you to please get involved and complete the salary survey with The more information we can gather across the industry, the more accurate a picture we can gather.

Over the next couple of months Inspired Search & Selection will be promoting this across the industry so please help us spread the word and share the link below.

To complete the survey please click the link below:

Suzy Astbury, Managing Director