The SYP AGM 2018

The SYP AGM 2018

On Monday night SYP committee, members and enthusiasts gathered in the stunning Stationers Hall for the annual AGM. During the event members of the previous committee gave insight into the past year of SYP, and ultimately announced the new committee for 2018.

First we heard from Alice Geary the previous (and first!) U.K. chair, about her time on the committee. She gave an A-Z of words which had a lot of meaning during her time, and reflected on the great work the SYP has managed over the past year.

Big congratulations to the new UK chair Ain Deheb Bensenouci, Academic Partnership Executive at Oxford University Press and the London co-chairs Phoebe Morgan, Commissioning Editor at Harper Collins and Katrin Krusch, Sales Manager at London Book Fair. We look forward to working with you and wish you a successful year ahead!

Alice handed over to Susie Bertinshaw who gave an insight into memberships for the year, which are up 9.86% from the previous year, meaning the membership total is now nearing the 1000 people mark. The treasurer Victoria Haslam also spoke about the year’s finances, notably the money that went into developing the fantastic new website.

Lastly, we heard from Louise Newton – before she chaired the discussion, about her time on the SYP. She also gave a shout out to our own Senior Consultant Helen Youngs who so warmly welcomed her into her first SYP event.

The focus of the panel discussion was audio books and podcasts, made up of Miles Stevens-Hoare from W.F. Howes & Wavesound and the creators of the Mostly Lit podcast, Alex, Rai and Derek. There is a clear increase in popularity of audiobooks and podcasts, with many reasons given; the convenience, the accessibility on smart phones and even the particular voice actor being used! The ability to interact with podcasts is thoroughly enjoyed and 65% of people listen using their smartphones.

It was a brilliant evening, celebrating the successes of the previous committee and looking ahead to what the new committee will bring for this year!

For anyone new to publishing, wanting to get into publishing, we would highly recommend being a part of this brilliant Society. They put on fascinating events and are hugely supported by organisations like Inspired to keep doing what they do. They always put on brilliant speakers at all their events who have been in publishing for a long time and can give invaluable perspective and advice that will aid your career and progression.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event but for now… well done SYP committee 2017 and welcome committee 2018!