What's great about working in Professional Publishing?

What's great about working in Professional Publishing?

Professional Publishing

Every business and every profession needs content and information in order to function and grow. Whether it's professional education, guidance, or market information there is a huge amount of content created for professionals across all sectors and industries and this is what we call Professional Publishing.

Think this sounds too dry or technical for you? Always imagined yourself working on the books you loved as a child or love reading now? That’s completely understandable but I would urge you to take a little time to think again....

1. Making a difference: Many of us want to work in publishing as we want to work on products that really matter and undeniably, books do matter.  The content produced in professional publishing could go on to help develop hundreds of people's careers, it could be used by senior business leaders to make very important company decisions or it could be used to resolve a legal case. This content is so important to our economy and in a quickly changing political landscape, what better time to be part of the words and text that could really make a difference.

2. A marketer’s dream: As an industry, publishing is getting more advanced at using data to market to specific audiences. In professional publishing, you have ready made very specific communities of people to whom you can market the products. A legal publisher will split their audience into different types of lawyers (criminal law, family law etc.) or different sizes of law firms. Compared with consumer publishing, information about, and lists of, these professional groups are easily available and you can quickly get very clever with your marketing approach.

3. Getting digital: Professional publishing is not alone in having great digital products but it certainly stands out in lending itself to digital. Fiction books work very well in traditional print format or even straightforward eBook format; they have a clear start and end. Non-fiction books often rely on high quality print to render the beautiful images. However, with professional content, you want to be able to search within it, jump from one section to a related section or access the content immediately on the job via a portable device. If you are really interested in what technology can do, this could be a great sector for you!

4. Business vs pleasure: Many of us in publishing have done English degrees and if so you may agree that studying the texts we love can limit our authentic passion for them. We find ourselves reading every story with a critical eye, which can be enjoyable of course but also exhausting! Professional publishing offers a great opportunity to work in an industry we love but also to leave work at work and curl up at home with our favourite read and feel like we're miles away!

5. Do something different with your law or business education: Law, economics, business and management are all highly interesting things to study but that doesn't always mean that you want to enter into those careers yourself. Professional publishing  is a fantastic channel for all that knowledge and those hours of studying you've done on the subject in a completely different, information driven environment.

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So there's 5 great reasons to get into professional publishing. There's lots more and if you think this is an area you would like to discuss further, please don't hesitate to contact me on Abigail Barclay a.barclay@inspiredselection.com